Biomarker recommendations and implementation

Aepodia uses its extensive know-how and expertise in biomarkers and pharmacodynamic/pharmacological measurements to optimise your clinical plan design. This makes the decision-making process easier when it comes to developing your compound.

Aepodia has experience in:

  •   Neuropeptides
  •   Biological markers
  •   Vision tests (pupillometry, etc.)
  •   Caloric and metabolic tests
  •   Cerebrospinal fluid collection
  •   Pharmaco-electroencephalograms
  •   Sleep monitoring
  •   Cognitive tests
  •   Provocative tests
  •   PET scans
  •   Pain models
  •   Spirometry
  •   Urodynamics
  •   Ultrasound (heart, bladder, liver, pelvic, etc..)
  •   Etc.